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Hello, my name is Andrea and I am a charming, beautiful, intelligent and well educated young lady. I am warm and playful and also quite a nerd as I love to read. But don't let that fool you, underneath my calm demeanour lies an adventurous girl that loves sports and new challenges and practices quite a few. I also enjoy a good sense of humour and love people who can laugh at themselves. My service goes beyond your average sexual encounter. I offer great moments of deep intimacy as I am quite affectionate and attentive and a very passionate and sensual woman. I love to tease and flirt and to take things slow. I also love conversations on themes such as psychology, philosophy, sports and many more. And love to hear people’s insights and views, everyone can enrich us in some way.

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Andrea Milan
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  • Возраст 30
  • Рост 173
  • Вес 56
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